my life in paint

I was born in and lived in Birmingham until five years ago and now in a ‘normal’ year share my time between Ludlow and Brittany. I have exhibited in Ludlow, Church Stretton and in Brittany. This year I was selected for the Broadway Arts Festival Exhibition which due to the pandemic had to be held online.
I have been painting for about ten years and have enjoyed several stimulating workshops and residentials with various artists such as Louise Balaam and Jack Davis. My style is loose and expressive and my preferred medium oils but I also work in acrylics and love using inks and charcoal. I am experimenting now with natural earth pigments.
I paint on canvas or board and the buttery consistency of the oil paint is often visible in the finished picture.
why I paint

Making art makes me feel good. My paintings are informed by my experience of a landscape and painting helps me express my place in the world.

My art is shaped by the power of nature and how this affects my emotions. Through using the visual language of paint I try to express the magnificence of nature, our place in it and how it continues around us. My paintings are bold and dramatic and the way I apply paint is determined by my emotions in a particular place and time. The changing light, skies, calm or rough seas and weather influence my mood and that of the finished painting.

All currently available work is shown. If you would like more information about any of the paintings please get in touch with me via the Contact Page.

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