My First Blog Inspired by Colour

La Mer au printemps (The Sea in Spring). SOLD
I love the colours of stained glass and the effect of light shining through and the work of John Piper always is always a source of inspiration to me. The person who bought this painting said it reminded her of John Piper’s Brittany series and his collages.
I have just finished reading a super book written by Frances Spalding about the lives of John and his wife Myfanwy Piper. They were friends with and worked alongside John Betjemen and Benjamin Britten.
With true synchronicity, on the same day there was a feature about Piper and Britten on 'Flog It' , I listened to a podcast about Maggie Hamblin who has a sculpture dedicated to Britten on the beach at Aldeburgh.
I am planning to visit some of the places that feature in Piper's work and do some sketching which may lead on to further artwork. Watch this space!