A Very Different Spring in 2020

What a strange time this is?
As I write this some of the lock down restrictions imposed because of Corona Virus pandemic have been eased a little in England. Sadly many people have either suffered this disease or have family members who have been ill or passed away. It has affected everyone and I count my blessings each day.

Artists and other creatives have found it hard to be creative and everyone is experiencing good days and bad. Our moods and well being are fragile. The enjoyment of Spring has I think increased this year. The weather has been particularly fine and for those who have a garden they have been able to enjoy it. Many people have been really concerned by the loss of their income. I like many artists am taking part in the Artist Support Pledge. This initiative helps other artists. For every £1000 of art I sell I promise to buy another artist's work up to the sum of £200. As my son would say 'Share the wealth'. My paintings are in the Gallery of Available Work in my new shop on this website.

Spring is still being kind to us here in Herefordshire and I have been doing some sketching outdoors and hope to complete some plein aire paintings later in the week. I have just begun a small painting inspired by all the wildflowers around here and will share it with you when it is complete.