I just love a ‘freebie’

Being Inspired by Natural Earth Pigments
These are just my colours!
I have been inspired by some lovely new art materials and once again my colour palette had shifted becoming more autumnal. I love a freebie don’t you? I received three pots of lovely, natural, earth pigments when I bought a book from Art Req Ltd. These pigments are so vibrant they really zing!
Using natural pigments is new to me and I am busy researching how to use them and looking at artists like Francesca Owen who makes some of her own pigments in Cornwall. I was also the lucky winner of a pretty silver and turquoise ring made by Sally Kheng Perhaps the lottery will make it win number three for me?
All this has made me feel generous and during October I too will have a giveaway draw for those on my mailing list. If you are not signed up to receive occasional news from my studio via my newsletter make sure you click the link below now.
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You never know you may be lucky.